You can reduce the risks drug manufacture and use in your properties or by your team members if you create and maintain a comprehensive drug screening programme. 

The downside of not managing these very real risks adequately can include severe financial loss, ill health for yourself, your family, your staff or your tenants, and potentially really bad decisions by people not in full control of their faculties.  Phone 0272743598 to book your test right now.
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John and Linda Reid are qualified Narcotics Testing Agents. They use the gold standard for methamphetamine screening tests in New Zealand and follow Ministry of Health Guidelines.

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Mainly because it's so personal.

If the house you are living in, or the property you invested everything in, or the vehicle you drive are contaminated, then it's deeply personal because the cost is your health, your family's health or your hard-earned wealth that is on the line.

When I tell you that over the last 10 years 32,000 properties have been contaminated with methamphetamine, you could be forgiven for finding it hard to believe.

But there are people out there who don't care about you or the other people they hurt. They care about getting high or making some tax-free money off the backs of addicts.

And the even scarier thing is these people can look just like you and me - there is no tattoo on their forehead that screams "I'm a criminal" - you can't tell by looking at them. Often they are intelligent and charming people.

So we believe it's far better to take control of your life and your assets by making sure you test your properties and your fleet vehicles for contamination before something goes horribly wrong.

In the work place - you rely on your employees to behave in the most appropriate way possible. To take all due care and pay attention when they are operating equipment. To deal with each other, their supervisors and clients and customers with courtesy.
But if someone is under the influence of a mind-altering substance, they may cause an accident, damage themselves, other people and valuable vehicles and equipment. Or they may react inappropriately to other people, causing ill feeling and even cost the business clients.

A properly constructed employee testing programme will help keep your team members, your clients and your business safe.
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